who's who in grandview

from the norwester magazine

The Norwester magazine was published monthly from November 1917 through March 1922, chronicling early suburban life in the Upper Arlington, Grandview Heights, and Marble Cliff areas. The Upper Arlington community initially published the magazine from 1917-1920 as part of their ideal to be "the finest residence district and the most cordial community in Ohio." For the final fifteen months of its publication, the communities of Grandview Heights, Marble Cliff, and Upper Arlington jointly published the Norwester. The magazine essentially served as the first newspaper to focus on the northwest suburbs of Columbus, Ohio, and it is a rich resource for historical, cultural, architectural, and genealogical information.

The cover to the left, from the September, 1921 Norwester, depicts the Curtiss J. N. Ford D. Army Training biplane, which can be seen at the King Avenue landing strip by clicking on airplanes.html.

One of the features of the magazine was a story called "Who's Who", which chronicled prominent members of the community. The following entries are from issues of the magazine Norwester dated 1921 and 1922, focused on Grandview and Marble Cliff residents. It is noted that in 1928 a renumbering of houses was done in Grandview, so the addresses were changed from the originals in the article. The Upper Arlington Historical Society has scanned multiple issues of the magazine, and they can be viewed online at http://www.uaarchives.org/cdm/landingpage/collection/p4036coll9


Oscar Avery - 1867 West First

George W. Brown - 1416 Inglis

J.N. Bullock - 1299 Inglis

John Drugan - 1330 Wyandotte Road

C.H. Estey - 1406 Inglis

Frank M. Higgs - 1219 Lincoln Road

Christian F. Jaeger - 1906 West First

Adam Krauss - 1312 Inglis

O.H. Kuhn - 1467 Inglis

Jasper M. Mead - 1463 West First

Kel Warren Osborne - 1115 Elmwood

Carl M. Pfeifer - 1470 Inglis

John Ryder - 1130 Westwood

Stanley T. Scofield - 1105 Westwood

Dr. C.E. Silbernagel - 1144 Ashland

P.S. Skeeles - 1254 Roxbury