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8/4 Second Graders

8/11 First & Oakland Aerial 8/18 Early Ox Roast Ad 8/25 Ralph Beery
9/1 Grandview High Majorettes 9/8 Ted Eaton 9/15 Early Football Tickets 9/22 Band Uniform Fundraiser
9/29 Slabaugh Residence 10/6 Boulevard Pipe Organ 10/13 Bank Block Grocers 10/20 Buckeye Lake - 1962
10/27 Duck and Cover 11/3 Women's Suffrage 11/10 Ralph Guglielmi 11/17 Lindenberg Roof Ad
11/24 1924 Girls' Basketball 12/1 Julius B. Keitz 12/8 Ralph and Laura Karns 12/15 Coach Dick Hopkins
12/22 Bradbury Christmas Card 12/29 - Not published 1/6 Howell Residence - 1910 1/13 Victory Gardens
1/20 Higgs Reminiscences 1/27 Jenny Klitch    
  Grandview Second Graders
This photograph was taken in the spring of 1928 and shows the second grade students at Grandview Elementary School (current east wing of Edison Intermediate Middle School) on Fairview Avenue. They are standing on the front lawn of the school on the west side of Fairview Avenue and the Harding School is in the upper right in the background. The Harding School, which occupied the site of the Kindergarten Annex, served as the district's high school until 1922 when the current high school was built. By 1928 it was no longer being used for classroom instruction and was razed in 1930. During the latter part of the 1920's enrollment grew exponentially in the district and reached 1218 students during the 1928 school year. A west wing was built for the elementary school in 1930 to accommodate the continuing increase in enrollment and the building renamed the Thomas Edison Elementary School.
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  Aerial View of First and Oakland
This aerial photograph from the early 1950s is looking northeast at the intersection of First Avenue and Oakland Avenue. At the top of the photo is Edison school, before the addition was built on the south side, and before the multipurpose building was added to the north side. At the bottom left of the photo is the Trinity United Methodist Church, which moved to the current 5th and Cambridge location in 1951. At he bottom right is the former building which housed the Grandview Cycle Shop, and across Oakland is a filling station; both properties now serve the Grandview Library. Across First from those buildings are a vacant lot that was a filling station, and the Gaudieri Cleaners building, which was later occupied by the Celeste realty company. Glass Plumbing, the business with the longest continuous operation in Grandview, occupied the building on First Avenue at the lower left.
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  1956 Ox Roast Ad
This 53 year old handbill was used to announce the Ox Roast that coincided with the 50th Anniversary of the founding of the city of Grandview Heights. At that time Pierce Field was known as Oxley Field. Notice the date of the celebration was late October. Tickets were sold for the event and cost $1. It appears that the Ox Roast was limited to one day and it was sponsored jointly by the Bobcat Boosters and the Grandview Baseball Association. The first record of a community ox roast occurred in 1921, two years after the founding of the Boosters in 1919. The Bobcat Boosters organization was founded by GHHS Coach Ira Stanton Jones, primarily as a student organization with associate memberships for community members costing $1.50 each.
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  Ralph Beery
This undated photograph shows GHHS principal Ralph D. Beery in very unusual and comic circumstances. He is wearing a short jumper and scarf in what appears to be a skit. The man in the background with the microphone is unknown. This was quite out of character for the usually austere and conservative Mr. Beery (see inset). Mr. Beery started his career as a math and science teacher in 1935. He was named principal in 1948 and served in that position until 1971. He has the distinction of being the longest serving principal at GHHS. If anyone knows the background of this unusual photograph of Mr. Beery please contact the GHMCHS at tdemaria@columbus.rr.com
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  1946-47 Majorettes
Our research suggests that the Grandview Heights High School marching band had majorettes and a drum major from approximately 1941 until 1960, when they were last mentioned in the yearbook. This photograph shows the students from the 1946-1947 school year. The majorettes included (left to right): Nancy Christopher, Joyce Berry, Dee DeVictor, Lee Davis, Bobbie Martin, Norma Hoadley, Nancy Snook, and Bob Myers, the drum major.  The photograph, along with the students' names, are from the late Joyce Jones Alibrando collection.
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  Ted Eaton
Ted J. Eaton is shown in this 1928 photograph at a dinner with several of his high school classmates, including Frank "Dude" Higgs (in the back with his eyes closed.) Eaton was a highly respected insurance man in Grandview, and was active in sailing and the Buckeye Lake Yacht Club. He was a member of the Brotherhood of the Rook, a GHS fraternity, and the Rook Scholarship, still given to outstanding Grandview high school students, is named in his honor. He served on the Grandview Heights City Council, to which he was appointed in 1940. Eaton, confined to a wheelchair since his teenage years, died in 1967.
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  1923 Football Game Tickets
These 86 years old football tickets are from the 1923 Grandview High School season. They were preprinted by the student athletic booster association and attached to the wearer by a string. The opponent's name was penciled in before the game. The one on the right is from the game with Gahanna, that GHS won 48 to 0. The one on the left is from the game with Wellston, in Jackson County in southeastern Ohio, which GHS lost 7 to 19.  Coach Stanton Jones was from Jackson County. That might explain why this game with Wellston was the only time these schools were opponents on the football field. Note the two different spellings of "football". These tickets are in the Alleyne Higgs Jones collection in the GHMCHS archives.
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  Marching Band Uniform Fundraiser
This undated photograph appears to be from the 1957-1958 academic year based on the style of the majorette's uniforms. The majorettes are not identified. They are standing in front of a tally board showing that the GHHS band uniform fundraiser achieved $1719 of their $2,400 goal. The "Cake Walk" contributed $330, a valentine candy sale $200, a tag sale $200 and contributions $200.  The balance in the treasury was $700 which is equal to almost $5,000 in 2009.
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  Slabaugh Residence
The historic home at 1123 Cambridge (bottom left) was designed by Frank Packard and built in 1903 for Carl Lindenberg. The home underwent dramatic renovations (top left) and the surrounding land developed as the Village Court cul-de-sac shortly after being purchased by R. Karl and Yolanda Slabaugh (shown at the right in their wedding portrait) in 1955. Karl passed away in 1970 and Yolanda continued to live there until her death in 2005. The house and its contents, including a 1941 Cadillac touring car with a V16 engine were sold by her heirs at auction last weekend. The house sold for $335,000 and the classic car for $68,000.
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  Boulevard Presbyterian Pipe Organ
A "Pipe Organ Fund" was established at Boulevard Presbyterian Church in December of 1952. Mrs. L.H. Grinstead was its chairman and the impetus behind the project, which took 13 years to complete. A French-Canadian custom-built Casavant Freres organ was dedicated on December 12, 1965. The organ, pictured in the background, is shown during installation. Seated around the console in the inset photo are (from left) Mrs. Mary Harris, Gordon Harris, and Mrs. Grinstead, originator and treasurer of the fund. (Note - The GHMCHS thanks all the readers who positively identified the majorettes recently pictured in this feature. They were Joyce Herriott and Nancy Williams, GHHS Classes of 1957 and 1958 respectively.)
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  Bank Block Grocers
This undated photograph shows the Grandview Avenue Bank Block looking southwest from the then vacant east side of Grandview Avenue. The lamppost on the left is at the corner of what is now Second Avenue. The Bank Block opened in 1927 and was one of the country’s first shopping centers.  It is interesting that among the first tenants were three competing national grocery chains: A&P, Kroger, and Piggly Wiggly. The Piggly Wiggly is just to the left of the parked cars. For a panoramic view of the Bank Block taken in 1929 please visit our web site at www.ghmchs.org
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  Buckeye Lake Senior Trip - 1962
The image in the foreground shows senior GHHS students from the class of 1962 dancing on the evening of their senior getaway. A tradition was to spend the getaway at the Buckeye Lake Amusement Park, which closed in 1973. The students are shown "twisting" the night away in the Crystal Ballroom (shown in the background in a 1936 photo), which was one of two dance facilities at the Lake that dated from around 1912. (Ohio Department of Natural Resources) Several rumors surrounded the amusement park before its closure, that the Walt Disney Co. wanted to buy it, and that it was being reopened as a Country Western resort. Neither was apparently true.
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  Duck and Cover
During the Cold War period, fear of a nuclear attack by the Soviet Union was wide spread. This photograph is one of several from the March 4, 1951 Sunday Dispatch which illustrated precautions for protecting children from atomic bomb attacks. Grandview resident, Mrs. Edward Fries of 1204 Lincoln Rd., is shown illustrating one of “six survival secrets for atomic bombs” published in the Ohio Civil Defense Bulletin. She is demonstrating on her own children, Eddie, Bobby, and Susan, and their pet dog Lixie. Upon seeing a bomb flash children were trained to run inside the nearest building, duck, and cover their heads.
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  Women's Suffrage
Women from Grandview Heights were very active in the Women’s Suffrage movement. The petition (background) is from the unsuccessful attempt in 1914 to amend the Ohio constitution so that women could vote. A large number of petitions were found under the floorboards of the Edna and Julius Stone house at 1030 Westwood during its demolition in the early 1980’s. Edna Stone (foreground) was president of the Franklin County Women’s Suffrage Association.  During the 1914 campaign she orchestrated the collection of over nine thousand signatures in Franklin County. It is not clear why the petitions were subsequently stored under the floorboards of her home. This petition is signed by the members of the representation committee, which included a member of the House Judiciary Committee and William Oxley Thompson, President of OSU. Bill and the late Mary Ann Arthur, who developed Stonegate Village, donated this petition to the Historical Society.
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  Ralph Guglielmi
Ralph Guglielmi graduated with straight A's from Grandview Heights High School in 1951, where he earned 9 varsity letters and was captain of the team in 3 sports. In this 1950 Citizen Journal photo he is shown practicing his passing skills by throwing the ball through the tire hung from a tree at the south end of Bobcat Stadium. It must have worked, as he was recruited and played quarterback for legendary Notre Dame coach Frank Leahy. He was an All-American, College Player of the Year and was fourth in the balloting for the Heisman Trophy in 1954. Guglielmi was drafted by the Washington Redskins and played with 4 teams in the NFL between 1954 and 1963. He was inducted in the College Football Hall of Fame in 2001.
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  Lindenberg Roof Ad
The Carey Roof Company of Cincinnati, Ohio placed this endorsement advertisement in the November 2, 1925 edition of the Columbus Dispatch.  It featured the drawing of Frank Lindenberg’s home at 1122 Cambridge Blvd. Lindenberg had replaced his wood shingles with the company’s new, big-sized  “asfaltslate” shingles and was evidently quite pleased with them. Note that Marble Cliff, which was incorporated in 1901, was still being referred to as “Arlington” in 1925. The northern half Marble Cliff was platted in 1888 and named “Arlington Place” and the name was apparently still being used informally. This historic home (often referred to as the Tarpy mansion) is in the center of the Tarpy Woods Park and is now owned by the Bell family.
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  1924 Girls' Basketball
The 1924 Franklin County champion Grandview High School girls basketball team is pictured above, with their coach Stanton Jones. It was the third consecutive championship for the team due in large part to the athletic prowess of the team’s captain, Marie Grubbs, seated in front of Coach Jones. The local press referred to her as the team’s mainstay and star scorer. During the 1924 season she scored a total of 184 points during the 14 game season. It was a banner year for Coach Jones as the GHS boys team that he also coached won the Franklin County high school basketball championship.
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  Julius Keitz
Julius B. Keitz of Grandview Heights hands out papers to local kids at the annual Grandview Ox Roast at what is now Pierce Field near the R.L. Stevenson school in this 1947 photograph. Keitz was campaigning for office and was elected mayor in November. He served only one term, from 1948 to 1952.
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  Karns Reminiscences
Ralph Karns is shown with his future wife, Laura Walcutt. The two school sweethearts (they were in the same class all through school) were married in 1922. Laura lived in the family home on the hill at 1800 Goodale Blvd. Laura Walcutt Karns wrote about her home and many of her experiences in the house, and her writings are featured as the first installment in a new series that the Historical Society is calling "Grandview Reminiscences", which will include a new feature each month on their website. You can read articles about the Karns, Laura's writings, and newspaper articles and see photos of them at http://www.ghmchs.org/memories.html Watch for future installment announced in this Moment in Time column.
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  Coach Dick Hopkins
Popular Grandview basketball coach Dick Hopkins is shown with his starting five in this photo from the 1966-67 season. The team was young, and they were coming off a not-so successful first year in the BAC. They beat Pleasantview, who kept them out of the tournament the year before, in the regular season and again in the tournament, and defeated Urbana for the championship. The players, left to right are Barry Walton, Mike Aleshire, Larry McCabe (Captain), Jim Burchfield and Mike Todd.
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  Bradbury Christmas Card
We wish you "Seasons Greetings from the Grandview Heights/Marble Cliff Historical Society" by reprinting an historic greeting. Edward and Cora Bradbury and their children Alford, Irving, and Frances sent this Christmas card with a picture of their home to friends and family. They lived at 1297 Wyandotte Rd between 1920 and 1944. Edward was the Franklin County Sanitary Engineer, and his son Alford was the editor and chief of the first GHHS Highlander yearbook and a member of the first senior class. The home is presently owned by the George and Laura Carter family.
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  Howell Residence
This photograph shows the snow-bound home of Adrienne and Alfred Howell at 1100 Broadview around 1910. At the time most of the streets in Grandview Heights were unpaved and there were few automobiles. Snow and rain turned the streets into “seas of mud”. Cars were limited to recreational “Sunday drives” and only during good weather. The main means of conveyance was either walking or taking the streetcar or train downtown. Luckily for the Howells the streetcar passed right in front of the Howell home.
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  Victory Gardens
During the first and second world wars, the government encouraged the development of personal and community gardens as a way of encouraging rationing and also building community togetherness. This photo is from 1918 and shows two women consuming the "fruits" of their labors. The inset is from a 1942 Mechanix Illustrated magazine instructing readers how to best plan their V-Garden, or what had become known as Victory Gardens. Grandview had a community garden on Goodale Boulevard, and it was moved to the corner of Grandview Avenue and Goodale and named Wallace Gardens. A community kitchen existed during World War I on First Avenue in which the vegetables from the community garden were prepared into community meals.
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  Higgs Reminiscences
Alleyne Higgs is shown posing across the street from her family's house on Lincoln Road. The Higgs' home was originally built by D.S. Field, who then moved across the street (into the house in the background of this photo) and sold his home to Frank Higgs. Alleyne remembered her home and family and life experiences in a memoir dictated to her daughter, Jeanne. Alleyne's memories are featured as the second installment in a series that the Historical Society is calling "Grandview Reminiscences", which will include a new feature each month on their website. You can read articles about the Higgs and Jones family and see photos of them at http://www.ghmchs.org/memories.html Watch for future installments announced in this Moment in Time column.
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  Jenny Klitch
Three time state high school singles champion Patti Schiff of Bexley gives pointers to young up and coming tennis stars Dori Voelker, Karen Koch and Jenny Klitch of Grandview Heights in this 1977 photo. The pointers must have worked, as Jenny Klitch went on to a successful professional tennis career. She was featured in the March 1980 Sports Illustrated "Faces to Watch" section (inset), which noted that she was the youngest player to win the Ohio State high school tennis title as a freshman in 1979, following in the footsteps of her father Dick Klitch who won it in 1951.
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