Publications of the Society

Books and pamphlets

sheltering a heritage

historical homes

This booklet features stories about a collection of historically significant homes in Grandview and Marble Cliff, with both old and new photos.

The Italian Heritage

Stories of Italian residents

This booklet features stories and photos of many important Italian residents and families that contributed to the history of the community.

final salute

EHonoring our fallen

This booklet features tributes to Grandview and Marble Cliff residents that gave their lives serving in various wars and conflicts.

our town. our times.

a timeline of evnts

This timeline identifies key events in the life and time of the Grandview and Marble Cliff communities.

between the rivers

the story of grandview heights and marble cliff

The history of the Ohio communities now known as Grandview Heights (1906) and Marble Cliff (1901) is recounted through short vignettes and images that describe the rich contributions of the many pioneers who  settled and expanded the area.

Playing Cards

deck of commemorative cards

The Historical Society has commissioned the creation of a deck of playing cards that features people, places, and activities of historical Grandview Heights and Marble Cliff.