Frank Packard and PACKARD & yost designs

A selection of architectural designs of Frank packard and packard & yost

The image above is the Lima State Hospital for the Criminally Insane. Designed by Frank Packard, the hospital was constructed between 1908 and 1915. Built at a cost of $2.1 million, it was the largest poured-concrete structure in the country until superseded by the Pentagon. Its walls are at least 14 inches thick, with steel reinforcement going right down to bedrock. In 1982 it was converted to the Lima Correctional Institute.
The image below is a caricature of Frank Packard, from the publication Club Men of Columbus in Caricature OH920.0772 I65c, p. 242., 1896 .

Packard was involved in the design of commercial buildings; hotels and clubs; university buildings; schools, churches, and libraries; government and hospital buildings; and residences. Grandview Heights and Marble Cliff have 16 homes on record that are Packard designs. The samples of his designs depicted below are organized into the above categories. Many dates listed are currently approximate, pending more in depth research. More information about each design shown can be seen by clicking on the image.



commercial buildings

Capitol Trust Building

Columbus ohio

Date: 5/20/1906
Address: 8 Broad St E
with "These are My Jewels" statue in the foreground.

columbus savings & trust

Columbus ohio

Date: 1905
Address: Corner of Long and High
Also known as the Atlas Building and the Ferris Building
Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1977.

Young Men's Christian Association

Columbus ohio

Date: 1893
Address: 34 3rd St S
Demolished in 1923 (to erect the Columbus Dispatch headquarters)

huntington bank building

Columbus ohio

Date: 1903/1925
Address: 17 S. High St.
Opened as Harrison Building (1903). In 1916, Huntington Bank opened its headquarters there. In 1925 a Packard design was used to build a new structure against the Harrison Building’s north wall, and a facade was then wrapped around the front of the old and new buildings.

hayden building (new)

Columbus ohio

Date: 1901
Address: 16 East Broad
Not designed by Frank Packard (Chicago architects Nimmons & Fellows) but is significant here because it was the location of Packard's office in the top floor penthouse
Listid in the National Register of Historic Places in 2009

loewenstein and sons hardware

charleston west virginia

Date: 1901
Address: 223-225 Capitol
Also known as the Loewenstein Building or Rite Aid Building, S.S. Kresge leased it in 1927, until 1971
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1985

First National Bank

ironton ohio

Date: 1922
Address: 1120 South Third Street, Ironton, Ohio
Cost: $200,000
Currently U.S.Bank

Granville Inn

granville ohio

Date: 1924
Renovated: 2015
Address: 314 E Broadway
Built in the Jacobethan Revival style on the site of the Granville Female College, which had closed its doors in 1898.


Columbus ohio

Date: April 18, 1896.
Address: 379 Broad St W
Architect: Yost and Packard
Closed 1930 - Became a Volunteers of America center in 1931


Columbus ohio

Date: January 6, 1912
Address: 209 3rd St S
Closed October 29, 1938
It became an A&P Food Store before its final demolition in 1967 to build a new Greyhound Bus Terminal.

scioto valley traction co. depot

chillicothe ohio

Depot built: 1912
Interurban operated: 1904-1930
The Scioto Valley Traction interurban traveled from Rich and Third through German Village south on 3-rail tracks through Kingston to Chillicothe

Yuster Building (Empire Building)

columbus ohio

Date: 1924
Address: 150 E. Broad (Broad and Fourth)
Style: Beaux Arts - Historism
Abuts the Athletic Club to the West. Completed after Packard's death, it was briefly the headquarters of the Columbus Chapter of the Ku Klux Klan.
(Spelled "Yuester" in AIA documents)

columbus auditorium

columbus ohio

Date: 1897
Address: 570 Front St N
Collapsed under a heavy snow load February 18, 1910.
Originally opened, 3/17/1885, as the Park Roller Skating Rink and was extensively remodeled by Yost and Packard to become the Columbus Auditorium. Site housed Columbus Bicycle Stadium and the Fairmont Arena

Kinnear & Gager Manufacturing

columbus ohio

Date: c1906
Address: 356 Mt. Vernon Ave. (now 322 Mt. Vernon)
Originally designed as a manufactuting facility for the Kinnear & Gager Mfg. Co., it was purchased and added to in 1920 by Franklin O. Schoedinger for his sheet metal operations. Curently the home of BalletMet.

hotels and clubs

chittenden hotel

Columbus ohio

Date: 1895
Address: 205 High St N
There were 3 Chittenden Hotels, since the first two were destroyed by fire.
Architect: Yost and Packard (Hotel #3) , George Bellows of Packard and Yost (Hotel #2)
Dates: 1889 (hotel #1) 1892( hotel #2) 3/16/1895 (Hotel #3)
Closed: 3/15/1972
demolished: 2/1973.

Great Southern Hotel

Columbus ohio

Date: 1897
Address: 310 South High Street
Renovation: 1985
Architects: Yost & Packard,
Listed on the National Register of Historical Places 1982

seneca hotel

Columbus ohio

Date: 1917
Address: 361 Broad St E
Used as women's dorms for several schools. In 1973 it became the state EPA headquarters.
Renovated: 2008 - Apartments
Built on the site of L. Jerome Spengler's home
Listed on the National Register of Historical Places 1983

virginia hotel

Columbus ohio

Date: 1908
Address 48 3rd St N
Formerly known as Virginia Apartments, opened as an apartment building; opened as a hotel in 1911. First announced 5/16/1906 as a "Bachelor's Hall" with 48 rooms
The Hotel was named after owner Frederick Schumacher's wife Virginia.
Razed: 1961 - replaced by the Sheraton Plaza which opened, 11/17/1963
Built on the site of the Central Christian Church.

capital hotel

frankfort kentucky

Date: 1922
Address: 130 West Main, Frankfort KY
Built by famous Frankfort contractor Leo Oberwarth. Became State National Bank in 1964. Owned by the Whittaker Trust from Lexington since 1985.

Manchester Hotel

middletown ohio

Date: 1922
Address: 1027 Manchester Ave.
Closed: 2011
The Manchester Inn once hosted former President Ronald Reagan and John Philip Sousa and served as the home base for AK Steel executives. Its second-floor ballroom has one of the largest wooden dance floors in Ohio. It has been nominated to be included on the National Register of Historic Places, and is soon to be renovated.

elks club

Columbus ohio

Date: 1914
Address: 256 Broad St E
Architects: Packard, Frank L and Bassett, G
Date: 10/19/1914 (cornerstone laid) 12/15/1915 (dedicated)
Became Midland Mutual building in 1946

columbus Athletic club

Columbus ohio

Date: 1915
Address: 136 East Broad Street
Architects: Richards, McCarty & Bulford with Frank L. Packard as Advisory Architect
The six-story brick clubhouse is an example of Spanish Renaissance Revival with Italian influence,.
Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1977.

columbus country club

Columbus ohio

Date: 1904
Address: 4831 Broad St E
Dates: 11/19/1904 (opened); 1/11/1962 (burned)
10/28/1962 began new facility; opened 11/24/1963
250 acres in the original purchase.
Columbus invitational contests held 1946-47

masonic Hall

parkersburg, west virginia

Date: 1903
Address: 900 Market St.
Three-story, three-bay wide, red brick building with stone trim in the Classical Revival style. It features elliptical bays flanking the central bay on the front facade.
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982, and it is a contributing property to the Avery Street Historic District, which was designated and listed on the National Register in 1986.

Masonic TemplE

Columbus ohio

Date: 1898
Address: 34 4th St N
Dates: 8/31/1898 (groundbreaking) 11/14/1899 (dedicated)
Additions added (not Packard designs)
Later incorporated the Corrodi Hotel.
renovated as Columbus Atheneum.
isted on the National Register of Historic Places in 1997 under the name "Masonic Temple"

Arlington (alaDdin) country club

marble cliff ohio

Date: 1895
Address: Arlington Avenue near First
Began as the Arlington Golf and Riding Club
The golf course was later bought and renamed the Aladdin Country Club.
Razed c1993 after being vacant for many years

dutch room - ohio club

columbus ohio

Date: Pre-1913
Address: Atlas Building, Columbus
Designed by Frank Packard. The Ohio Club was an exclusive club for prominent business and industry leaders in Columbus. It merged with the Athletic Club in 1913, and in 1915 moved to its new building on Broad Street.

university buildings

Armory and Gymnasium

ohio state university, Columbus ohio

Built: 1898
Address: 60 Oval Dr N
Architect: Yost and Packard - Packard, Frank L
Example of the French Feudal architectural style. It was
destroyed in a fire and was located on the current site of the OSU Wexner Center for the Arts.
Demolished: 1/7/1959

biological hall

ohio state university, Columbus ohio

Date: 1898 (constructed)
Address: South Oval Drive at site of the present Hagerty Hall on the Ohio State University campus.
Architect: Yost and Packard
General contractor: Columbus Construction Company.

brown hall annex

ohio state university, Columbus ohio

Date: 1892
Northeast portion (original boiler house): designed by Packard & Yost, built by Lewis C. Newson, completed 1892. Northwest portion (boiler house addition) and southwest portion (original engine house): designed by Packard & Yost, built by F.M. Fornof, completed 1896.
Also known as the Power Plant, Power Plant No. 2, Old Power Plant, Service Building, and occasionally "Rinso Hall" due to its use at one time as a laundry facility.
Demolished: c1986

hayes hall

ohio state university, Columbus ohio

Date: 1892
Address: 108 Oval Dr N
Named for the 19th U.S. president.
Architect Packard, Frank
Notes: Completed 12/1/1892, occupied 2/1/1893.
July 16, 1970, added to the National Register of Historic Places

mines and ceramics building (lord hall)

ohio state university, Columbus ohio

Date: 1906
Address: 124 17th Ave W
Constructed in the English Renaissance style.
Name changed to Lord Hall in 1912 in honor of Nathaniel Wright Lord, professor of metallurgy.

mcmillan observatory

ohio state university, Columbus ohio

Date: 1896
Address: 236 12th Ave W
Funds for the McMillin Observatory were donated by Emerson McMillin, president of Columbus Gas Light & Coke Company.
Demolished: 7/1/1976

orton hall

ohio state university, Columbus ohio

Date: 1893
Address: 155 S. Oval Mall
July 16, 1970, added to the National Register of Historic Places
Orton Hall, one of the oldest remaining buildings on Ohio State University campus, opened in 1893 and is named after Dr Edward Orton, Sr. who served as OSU's first president, Professor of Geology from 1873 to 1899, and Ohio's State Geologist from 1882 until his death in 1899.

boyd hall

Ohio University, Athens ohio

Date: 1907
Demolished: 1966
Address: Park Place, College Green
Named for Margaret Boyd, the first female graduate of OU, Boyd Hall was a women's residence hall across from Gordy Hall. To make room for Alden Library, it was demolished in 1966, along with the Women's Gym and Tupper Hall (Old).

ellis hall

Ohio University, Athens ohio

Date: 1903 (Normal College Building)
Address: University Terrace, College Green
Ellis Hall was the first building in Ohio built for training teachers
North wing added in 1906, south wing in 1908, new front portico in 1963.

gordy hall

Ohio University, Athens ohio

Date: 1912
Address: College Green
Housed the School of Music. In 1970 it was named Gordy Hall and became the home of the philosophy department. In 1996-97 Gordy Hall underwent major renovations and expanded to the South. The first step in this process was the removal of the old natatorium. Gordy Hall reopened in 1998.

science hall

Ohio University, Athens ohio

Date: 1911
Address: 1 President Street
Now called the President Street Academic Center
on the National Register of Historical Places
plan to demolish the building on the National Register touched off a fight with historic preservationists

bishop hall

miami university, oxford ohio

Date: 1911
Address: 300 East Spring Street, Oxford, Ohio
Architectural style: Georgian
Cost: $75,000

alumni hall

miami university, oxford ohio

Date: 1910
Address: 350 East Spring Street, Oxford, Ohio
Architectural style: Lombardic Romanesque
Built with a $40,000 matching grant from Andrew Carnegie

McGuffey Hall

miami university, oxford ohio

Date: 1909
Address: Campus and Spring, Oxford, Ohio
Architectural style: Georgian
Originally the South Pavilion of the Ohio State Normal College. Named for William Holmes McGuffey, of the McGuffey Reader. The present McGuffey Hall structure was built in three different sections. The original building was constructed in 1909. Wings were added in 1915 and 1916, and another in 1925. In 1939 extensive alteration and fireproofing was done to the southwest wing, in 1966 the North half was remodeled and in 1971, the south half was remodeled.

Kezia emery hall

wilberforce University, near Xenia ohio

Date: 1913
Constructed using student labor,
Exemplifies the symmetrical massing and fenestration of Colonial Revival style architecture.
Served as a women’s dormitory
Undergoing renovation
Listed on the National Register of Historical Places 2005

S.T. mitchell hall

wilberforce University, near Xenia ohio

Date: 1912
Wilberforce University is nationally significant as the first historically black college in the nation

edwards gymnasium

ohio wesleyan university, delaware ohio

Date: 1905
Address: S. Sandusky St.
All references are to J.W. Yost and Feick & Son as the architects, but early records indicate that preliminary design work was done with both Frank Packard and Yost involved.
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1985.
Undergoing renovation

lehr memorial

ohio northern university, ada ohio

Date: 1915
Named for Henry Solomon Lehr, founder of the university. Originally, the university administrative offices occupied the first floor rooms flanking the front entrance. The front section of the second floor contained the library, while the law library was on the south side of the second floor. The third floor housed five large classrooms and two private offices for the Commercial College. To the rear of the building a 1600 seat auditorium provided improved facilities for chapel services, theatrical and musical performances, and lectures.

schools , churches and libraries

Columbus Public Schools Library

Columbus ohio

Date: 1892.
Address: 40 Town St E
Demolished: ca. 1928.
Originally Town Street First Methodist Episcopal Church
Packard and Yost hired to renovate it for the Library

eastwood congregational church

Columbus ohio

Date: 10/23/1892.
Address: 26 21st N (also 1080 E Broad St)
Architect: Yost and Packard
Later became Pilgrim Baptist Church.

First Methodist Episcopal Church

Columbus ohio

Date: 1898
Address 873 Bryden Rd.
Construction began on 7/28/1898, Dedicated on 2/4/1900.
Architect: Yost and Packard, George Bellows Sr. head architect.

Gates-Fourth Street Methodist Church

Columbus ohio

Date: 5/3/1896.
Address: 1235 4th St S. / 119 E. Gates

East Broad Street Presbyterian Church

Columbus ohio

Date:1887, 1894; 1902, 1908, 1924
Address: 760 Broad St E
Style: Romanesque
The main church was constructed in stages: the first two were under the architectural design oversight of Elah Terrell. Frank Packard was hired to oversee the 1906-1908 expansion of the sanctuary and redesign of the interior. The 4th phase, beginning in 1920, was the addition of the "church house", including a dining room, gym, and parlors, and the World War I Memorial Lobby. Packard was the consulting architect, but died before its completion in 1924.
Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1987.

Monnett Memorial M. E. Chapel

bucyrus ohio

Date: 1901
Address: 999 State Route 98 south of Bucyrus in Bucyrus Township, Crawford County, Ohio.
It is currently the home of Lighthouse Baptist church
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

First Church of Christ, Scientist

toledo ohio

Date: 1898
Address: 2704 Monroe Street, in Toledo, Ohio,
Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1978, at which date the building was Universal Community Church
Now United Missionary Baptist Church

St. Paul's Episcopal Church

Columbus ohio

Date: 1903
Address: 787 East Broad
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1986
Architectural style: Late Gothic Revival

Johnstown United Methodist Church

johnstown ohio

Date: 1903
Address: 159 S Main St, Johnstown, OH
Renovated by Rogers Krajnak Architects

huntington chapel

green lawn cemetary, Columbus ohio

Date: 1902
Address: 1000 Greenlawn Ave.
Style: classic Roman
rotunda of fitted mosaic tile and carved plaster. Tiffany’s of New York was commissioned to design and install the two grand stained glass windows and two mosaic murals representing Truth and Wisdom.
Later expanded to its current capacity. The mausoleum serves as the final resting place for about 100-200 people, including former Pelatiah Huntington and Ohio Governor James A. Rhodes.
Cost: $24,827
Listed on the National Register of Historical Places 2007

hayden mausoleum

green lawn cemetary, Columbus ohio

Date: 1902
Address: 1000 Greenlawn Ave.
Style: classic Roman
Commissioned by banker Charles H. Hayden, it is the largest mausoleum in the cemetary, and is reported to be haunted by the ghost of a young boy.

Second German united methodist church

Columbus ohio

Date: 1896
Address: 1235 4th Street S
Now known as Gates Fourth United Methodist Church (corner of Gates and Fourth (Mozart) )
Cost: $6,000

first methodist episcopal church

ironton ohio

Date: 1913
Address: 101 N 5th St, Ironton, Ohio
Cost: $50,000
Also known as Spencer M.E. Church

fair avenue school

Columbus ohio

Date: 1891
Address: 1395 Fair Ave
Packard was paid $672.00 for his design.
Style: Richardson Romanesque
Built for $32,692.00.
Now houses the A+ Arts Academy.

Worthington High School

Worthington ohio

Date: 1915
Address: 777 Evening Street, Worthington
The building, now known as the Packard Annex, was built in 1915 on the school farm lot. It was the Worthington's High School until 1952 when a new Worthington High School was built to accommodate the boom in births after the end of World War II. It is now part of the Peggy McConnell Arts Center.

north high school (#1)

Columbus ohio

Date: 1892
Address: 100 W 4th Ave
Renamed Everett Junior High circa 1924

north high school (#2)

Columbus ohio

Date: 1924
Address: 100 Arcadia Ave
Closed in 1979; re-opened in 2012 as Columbus International High School
Built in Jacobethan Revival Style.
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places 1987

parkersburg high school

parkersburg west virginia

Date: 1917
Address: Washington Ave. from Park Ave. to Dudley Ave., including 2101 Dudley
Style: Jacobethan Revival
Listed to the National Register of Historical Places in 1992
Parkersburg High School-Washington Avenue Historic District, is a national historic district

St. Joseph School

wapakoneta ohio

Date: 1899
Address: 309 S. Perry St, Wapakoneta Ohio
Dedicated: 1900
On site with St. Joseph's Church
St. Joseph's School and St. Joseph's Church were placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979

Blume High School

Wapakoneta Ohio

Date: 1908
Address: 405-409 S. Blackhoof St., Wapakoneta, Ohio
Style: mix of architectural styles
Designed by architects Frank Packard and W.M. Runkle
Cost: $41,315
In the mid-1920s, it was expanded with the construction of a gymnasium, a library, and an addition. Astronaut Neil Armstrong graduated from here.
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1996

Westerville High School - Vine Street School

westerville ohio

Date: 1896
Address: 44 N. Vine St., Westerville, Ohio
Architectural style: Romanesque Revival
Today the school is referred to as the Emerson Magnet school which specializes in teaching children foreign languages and cultures.[
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975

Shepard street school

gahanna ohio

Date: 1889
Address: 106 Short St, Gahanna, Ohio
Better known as the Old Gahanna Schoolhouse, this building served as a school for 55 years, then as a nursing home for 20 years and finally converted to office space in 1978.
Posted to the National Register of Historic Places on November 29, 1979

marion high school

marion ohio

Date: 1893
Address: West Center Street at Oak Street, Marion, Ohio
AKA: Central Junior High School
Closed: 1951
Demolished: 1952

thomas miller public school

Fairmont West Virginia

Date: 1914
Address: 2 Pennsylvania Avenue, Fairmont, West Virginia
Annex (Ittner, consulting architect) added in 1928.
The original building is Colonial Revival in style with Jacobethan style detailing in the entrance surrounds.
Llisted on the National Register of Historic Places in 2013

Granville Public Library

Granville, Ohio

Date: 1923
Address: 217 E Broadway, Granville, OH
Packard designed the library to complement the Granville Inn; the stone for the library was obtained locally. Packard died before the building was completed, so the firm Snyder, Babbitt and Mathews that grew out of Packard's office, took on the project.

GOVERNMENT and hospitals

Children's Hospital

Columbus ohio

Date: 1893
Address: corner of Miller and Fair Avenues
9 beds; hospital was open to patients between the ages of one and sixteen; no patient could stay longer than three months without a physician’s request and board review; and, no cases of infectious disease were accepted.

newark city hospital and nurses' home

newark ohio

Date: 1913
Address: Everett and Buena Vista
Completed: 1914

ohio state sanitarium for tuberculosis

mt. vernon ohio

Date: 1909
Address: Mt. Vernon, Ohio
The Ohio State Sanitorium was recommended by the Society for Prevention of TB in 1904. Packard was chosen to design the sanitorium according to his "Cottage Plan". Mt. Vernon was chosen from over 100 sites, and construction was done by Rob't Evans and Co. on 300 acres. It is now called the Mount Vernon Developmental Center. The dedication brochure can be viewed at the Ohio History Connection OhioMemory web site. Packard also designed the Mount Logan TB Sanitorium in Chillicothe, which operated from 1918 until 1970.

Athens lunatic asylum

athens ohio

Date: 1868 and following
Address: OH 682 and Richland Avenue, Athens Ohio
AKA: Athens State Hospital; The Ridges
Original architect: Levi Scofield
Landscape architect: Herman Haerlin
Designed according to the Kirkbride plans. Architect Frank Packard designed the renovation and additions to the main building, as well as cottages according to the Cottage Plan (seven cottages were added on the grounds).
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places - 1980

girls industrial school

delaware, ohio

Date: 1891, 1905-08
Address: Delaware, Ohio
Founded in 1869 on the west bank of the Scioto River, GIS occupied as much as 189 acres. The institution was located on the grounds of the former White Sulphur Springs, a resort established in 1847. On February 24, 1874, a fire destroyed several of the buildings, but the State of Ohio rebuilt the destroyed structures and, over the years, added several additional buildings.
Packard was chosen to design the buildings on the site according to his "Cottage Plan".

massillon state hospital for the insane

massillon ohio

Date: 1893
Address: 3000 Erie St. SW
AKA: Eastern Ohio Insane Asylum
Packard's firm was chosen as a result of their "cottage plan" proposal for the first state hospital in the US and Canada. Multiple "cottage" buildings were built, and Packard continued designing over the next years for additional buildings. Only two of the original buildings remain.

Boys industrial school

lancaster, ohio

Date: 1898, 1905-10
Address: Lancaster, Ohio
The establishment of the Ohio Reform Farm (or Boys Industrial School) was authorized by the Ohio General Assembly on April 7, 1856. Located on 1,170 acres five miles south of Lancaster, Ohio, the Ohio Reform Farm was the first institution in the United States to be operated on the "Cottage Plan," which is why Packard was chosen to design the buildings on the site.

Gallipolis Epileptic Hospital

Gallipolis, ohio

Date: 1893
Address: Mill Creek Road, Gallipolis, Ohio
Closed: 1976
Originally called The Asylum for Epileptics and Epileptic Insane. Two sandstone water towers were built in 1895; the towers are listed on the National Register of Historic Places (1978)

NATIONAL ORPHANS HOME - Junior Order United American Mechanics

tiffin, ohio

Date: Proposed - 1893; Construction: began 1896 and continued for several decades
Address: 600 N. River Road, Tiffin, Ohio
Style: Gothic
Closed: 1944
Located on a nearly 650-acre property along the Sandusky River in Seneca County, the National Orphans Home was designed for the "Cottage Plan," for which Packard was an architect of note. The Orphans Home closed in 1944, as Social Security phased out its use for orphanages. The state of Ohio purchased the property, and it functioned as an epilepsy center and then a state hospital before the state-run Tiffin Developmental Center began providing a residence in 1981 for people who have developmental disabilities. In 1990 the home was added to the National Register of Historic Places as a District.

Knights of Pythias ORPHANS HOME

Springfield, ohio

Date: 1895
Address: West McCreight Ave., Springfield, Ohio
Closed: 1944
Located on a 84-acre property donated by the City of Springfield in Clark County, the Orphans Home was a "Cottage Plan" design. The Orphans Home closed in 1944 and the Sisters of Mercy bought the ornate buildings and in 1945 reopened some of the facilities as Mercycrest, a home for the elderly.

Grant County Hospital

Marion Indiana

Date:  1916
Address:  Euclid and Wabash, Marion, Indiana
Architect:  Frank Packard
Name changed to Marion General Hospital in 1935.

Sawyer Sanitarium

Marion ohio

Date:  1895
Address:  South Main Street, Marion, Ohio
Architect:  Frank Packard
Built in three stages, eventually housing 100 patients. Now an apartment building

Franklin county memorial hall

Columbus ohio

Date: 1903
Address: 280 Broad St E
Later became the Center for Science and Industry (COSI) in 1964.
Construction contract for $211,305.
Renovated: 2001

Springfield Memorial Hall

springfield ohio

Date: 1916
Address: Main and Lowry, Springfield Ohio
AKA: Clark County Memorial Hall
In 1918 Memorial Hall housed the Clark Country Court and several county offices after the courthouse fire. From 1926 to 1985 the hall also served as home to the Clark County Historical Society.
Closed: 1985, Demolished: 2010

Wood County Court House

bowling green ohio

Date:  1893 – 1896
Address:  1 Courthouse Square / Court Street
Style:  Richardsonian Romanesque
Architect:  Yost & Packard
Contractor:  T B Townsend, Zanesville
Cost: $255,746
The building faces south and is a three story Amherst sandstone, Vermont granite and marble structure. A high square stone tower rises 195 feet with large clock. On the north side is the modern five story County Administration Building.
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places; in an Historic District

clay county courthouse

clay west virginia

Date:  1902 – 1903
Address:  225 Main Street / Locust Street
Style:  Beaux Arts
Contractor:  L C Tyree
Both the city and the county are named for Henry Clay, American statesman and Whig Party leader.
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979.

belmont county courthouse

st. clairsville ohio

Date:  1885 – 1888
Address:  101 West Main Street / North Market Street
Style:  Beaux Arts
Architect:  Joseph Warren Yost
added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1969.

marion county courthouse

fairmont west virginia

Date: 1897 – 1900
Address: 219 Adams Street / Jefferson Street
Style: Beaux Arts
Architect: Yost and Packard
Contractor: Westwater and Company, and C A Abernathy
On the south side is the old Sheriff Residence with Jail.
The courthouse and the adjacent American Foursquare-style sheriff's residence, were jointly added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1979

miami county courthouse

Troy ohio

Date:  1885
Address:  Bounded by Main, Short, Plum, and Water Sts.
Style:  Beaux Arts
Architect:  Joseph Warren Yost
added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1975 as Miami County Courthouse and Power Station.

harrison county courthouse

cadiz ohio

Date:  1893 – 1895
Address:  100 West Market Street / Main Street
Style:  Second Empire
Architect:  Yost & Packard
Contractor:  E M Long
The building was renovated in 1993.
Listed on the National Register of Historical Places in 1974

wyandot county courthouse

upper sandusky ohio

Date: 1900 – 1901
Address: 109 South Sandusky Avenue / East Wyandot Avenue
Style: Beaux Arts / Classical Revival
Architect: Yost & Packard
Contractor: Christian Boseker & Son
Wyandot County Courthouse and Jail listed on the National Register of Historic Places 1973

putnam county courthouse

ottowa ohio

Date: 1912
Address: 245 E. Main Street
Beaux-Arts style of architecture
Cost: $200,000
Listed on the National Register of Historical Places in 1974

hocking county courthouse

logan ohio

Date:  1923 – 1924
Address: 1 East Main Street / South Market Street
Style:  Neo-Clasical
Contractor:  E H Latham Company of Columbus
Note: Construction of the building began on August 23, 1923 and Frank L Packard, the architect died on November 9, 1923. The firm of Snyder, Babbitt and Mathews was employed to complete the building.


Warren G. Harding porch

marion ohio

Date: 1920
Address: Marion Ohio
Known as stick style architecture the house was designed by Warren Harding and his wife and constructed in a neoclassical architecture style. The porch, known as the home of the Front Porch Campaign of 1920, was influenced by the Queen Anne era in that it wraps around the house. Highly stylized and decorative versions of the Stick style are often referred to as Eastlake architecture.

frank l. beam residence

marion ohio

Date: 1900-1901
Address: 121 East High Street
Architectural Style: Chateauesque
Architect/Builder: Frank L. Packard; Ralph Snyder (east wing)
The eastern wing, designed by Ralph Snyder of Columbus, Ohio, was added in 1925 to serve as a library and billiard room.

bryn du Mansion

granville ohio

Date: c1905
Address: 537 Jones Road, Granville ohio
Style: Georgian Federal
Architect: Packard (extensive renovation)
Original villa: Italianate Villa style, 3 story tower flanked by two wings. Packard added wings, increased width by 40', added portico, using the same quarry stone as the original villa, and added carriage house, laundry and horse barn. Granville purchased the property in 2002.
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982, as McCune's Villa (after name given by 2nd owner)

ohio governor's mansion

Columbus ohio

Date: 1904
Address: 1234 East Broad
Packard was paid $672.00 for his design.
Style: Colonial Revival and/or Neo-Georgian eclectic
It was designed by Frank Packard for industrialist Charles H. Lindenberg.
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1972
Currently occupied by the Columbus Foundation.

edward denmead residence

Columbus ohio

Date: 1898
Address: 153 Woodland
Edward Denmead was a director for the Columbus Evening Post, Democratic which began December 4, 1888. He also was one of the first people to buy tracts of land and lay out the area that would become Grandview Heights in the Columbus area.

Chi phi iota chapter house

Columbus ohio

Date: 1910
Address: 2000 Indianola
Style: Tudor Revival
designed with English Tudor influences — steeply gabled roofs, half timbering on the upper story, paired windows, and first floor brick and second floor stucco. Its west and south elevations have distinctive gabled ends

h.b. dahl residence

washington courthouse ohio

Address: Court and Main
Dahl was Treasurer of Midland Grocery

peter sells mansion

Columbus ohio

Date: 1897
Address: 755 Dennison Ave
Built by the circus magnate Peter Sells (of Sells Brothers Circus), Packard designed this Romanesque house with influence from the Sells family trip to California in 1891.
House of Hope for Alcoholics opened here 11/17/1959

downs mansion

chillecothe ohio

Date: c1901
Address: 53 West Fourth
Style: Georgian Federal
Architect: Packard (extensive renovation)
Zimeroy Downs was the first Vice-President of the Citizens National Bank after it was founded in November 1900.
Was home for the Fraternal Order of Eagles by the late 1930s. In 1956 it became the home of the Ross County District Library.By 1960, the home also housed the Ross County Superintendant of Schools, Board of Education, Soldiers & Sailors Relief Commission, Welfare Department, and the State Auto Title Department.

Franklin house

Columbus ohio

Date: 1907
Address: 80 South Paint Street
currently the Ross County Historical Society's women's museum

john mclaughlin residence

columbus ohio

Date: Pre-1907
Address: on the Scioto River 7 miles north of Columbus
This home was featured in Gustav Stickley's publication The Craftsman in 1907

W.C. Miller Residence

Columbus ohio

Date: Pre-1907
This home was featured in Gustav Stickley's publication The Craftsman in 1907

John J. Carroll residence

newark ohio

Date: Pre-1907
This home was featured in Gustav Stickley's publication The Craftsman in 1907

Robert jeffrey mansion

bexley ohio

Date: 1905
Address: 165 N Parkview Ave, Bexley, OH
Style: Jacobethan Revival
Donated to the City of Bexley in 1946
Robert was the son of the founder of Jeffrey Mining Co., and was Columbus' youngest mayor in 1903 at 29 years of age

james M. Cox residence

columbus ohio

Date: 1912
Address: 840 Broad St E
Governor James M Cox House was the governor's mansion from 1913-1914.
Built in 1912 for Edward K. Stewart, president of the Columbus Dry Goods Co.

William Lanman mansion

marble cliff ohio

Date: 1908
Address: 2015 West Fifth
It was originally built by William K. Lanman, president of the Columbus Bolt Company, and his wife Harriet Sharp Lanman. Serving as an office building for more than 50 years, this Tudor Style manor house retains much of its interior detail, including fireplaces, ceiling treatment, and the original layout. The longest commercial tenant was the Burgess and Niple Company.

sylvio casparis residence

marble cliff ohio

Date: 1902
Address: 1269 Central (now 1539 Roxbury)
Demolished: 2004
Records indicate that the original Casparis house, built in 1895, burned down in 1899. A 1900 Columbus Dispatch article attributes the design of the new house on the site to Yost and Packard.

T.J. Price residence

marble cliff ohio

Date: 1889
Address: Approx 1601 Roxbury
(Now located at 1490 Arlington)

Timothy J. Price's summer home was built on the site of the current Roxbury Arms Apartments and was moved a considerable distance to the corner of Arlington and Cardigan Avenues around 1914.

Phillip Skeele residence

marble cliff ohio

Date: 1896
Address: 1492 Roxbury
built on property in John Price and Charles Griswold's Arlington Place subdivision in Marble Cliff. Mr. Skeele was Yardmasterfor the Pennsylvania Railroad. He was a trustee for the Grandview Congregational Church, which he was involved in founding, and served on the Grandview school board

J.F. Miller "Inn at Arlington"

marble cliff ohio

Date: c1895
Address: Roxbury near Cardigan
It is hypothesized that this structure is a Packard design. One of several structures that existed on the 17 acres originally purchased by Mr. John F. Miller, from the Arlington Place developers Timothy J. Price and family. Mr. Miller was an executive with the Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, St. Louis, and Chicago RR Company and resided in Richmond, Indiana.
Razed c1908 for construction of the Bush mansion.

John E. Price mansion

marble cliff ohio

Date: c 1890
Address: 2101 W. Fifth, between Roxbury and Dublin Road
This stately home was the residence of John E. Price, one of the founders of what is now Marble Cliff. Records indicate that the house was destroyed in about 1914

G. Edwin Smith Residence

grandview heights ohio

Date: 1905
Address: 1176 Fairview.
As stated in the GHMCHS“Sheltering a Heritage” publication, this home was built for G. Edwin Smith, owner of G.Edwin Smith Shoe Company.It has undergone many additions. It is currently home to the Kosnik family.

casparis castle

marble cliff ohio

Date: 1908
Address: 1425-1427 Arlington
Marble Cliff Quarry owner, Sylvio Casparis, commissioned Packard to build a three-story Scottish- style castle just south of his home on the bluff. It is said that Mr. Casparis climbed the five-story tower which still stands at 1427 Arlington Avenue to see if his quarry men were working.

William N. Weinman Residence

marble cliff ohio

Date: 1914
Address: 1445 Roxbury
Lot 9 of the original 1889 Plat of Arlington Place is the site of tthe Weinman home. Mr. Weinman was president of the Weinman Pump Manufacturing Company.. The original nine-room home underwent a major renovation in 1997.

J.F. Miller residence

marble cliff ohio

Date: 1906
Address: 1499 Roxbury
Built for J.F. Miller in 1908, it became the home of Willits Sawyer in 1917. Mr. Sawyer was an internationally known consulting engineer and the Vice-President of the E.W. Clark and Company Management Corp. in Columbus. Nestled on almost three acres at the NW corner of Cardigan and Roxbury, it encompassed lots 7 and 8 of the Arlington Place Subdivision.

Eugene Gray Residence

grandview heights ohio

Date: 1901
Address: 1080 Wyandotte
This home was built by Mr. David Gray, President of the Clinton National Bank, for his newly married son Eugene. The architectural design was originally planned to be built at 955 Urlin for Colonel George Freeman, Quartermaster of the Ohio State Arsenal.

J.F. Miller summer home

marble cliff ohio

Date: 1895
Address: 1600 Roxbury
Style: Carpenter Gothic
J. F. Miller, resident of Richmond, Indiana and executive for the Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago, and St. Louis Railroad, owned 4.8 acres in the Arlington Place Subdivision of Price and Griswold. . In 1953 it was purchased by Garry and Mary Myers, who operated their Highlights for Children business in a part of the house.
In 1983 the house, considered a significant structure because of its architectural style and detailing, was placed on the National Registry of Historic Places.

frank lindenberg Residence

marble cliff ohio

Date: 1905
Address: 1122 Cambridge Road
This home, originally owned by Frank Lindenberg was just south of the 8th green of the Aladdin Country Club. The home had 8 bedrooms, and a half-acre pond with an island. An addition and swimming pool were added later. The Thomas Tarpy family owned the home after the Lindenbergs.

paul lindenberg residence

marble cliff ohio

Date: 1905
Address:Cambridge Place at First
Paul Lindenberg was the son of Charles Lindenberg, who started (among many business interests) the Columbus Piano Company. Paul was named manager of the company at approximately 25 years old. The name was changed to the Lindenberg Piano Co., specializing in catalogue sales.

carl lindenberg Residence

marble cliff ohio

Date: 1903
Address: 1123 Cambridge Blvd
Purchased by prominent developer Robert Slabaugh who developed the surrounding property. Sold at auction in 2009 and has been restored.

Theodore Lindenberg Home

grandview heights ohio

Date: 1906
Address: 1087 Lincoln Road
This home, originally owned by Theodore Lindenberg was designed by Frank Packard. Its interior atrium courtyard contains Tiffany designed lighting and hardware. Th Mediterranean style home was purchased in 1941 by Harold Voelker, and was recently sold to new owners. The house was the featured house for the 2003 Columbus Decorators'
sponsored by the Women's Board of Columbus Museum of Art in cooperation with the American Society of Interior Designers.

Clarence H. White Residence and Studio

Newark ohio

Date: 1900/1901
Address: Newark, Ohio
This home and studio were designed for Clarence Hudson White, a famous artist and photographer, and founder of the Photo-Secession movement.

E.L. Weiland Home

Columbus ohio

Date: 1900
Address: 428 West Sixth, Columbus, Ohio
The house was later owned by Otterbein University, and in 1980 was purchased as part of the neighborhood renovation plans by Battelle Memorial Institute.
Note: The Columbus City Directory in 1910 lists the spelling of the last name as "Weinland"

M. Leo Corbett Residence

Columbus ohio

Date: 1911
Address: 39 Auburn, Columbus, Ohio
M. Leo Corbett was secretary and director of sales and marketing for Capital City Products, Co. in Columbus, one of the pioneers in the manufacture of margarine.

C.L. Doster Home

Greenfield ohio

Date: 1903
Address: Greenfield, Ohio

morgan Mansion

wellston ohio

The work of Columbus architect Wilbur T. Mills (eg, the Morgan Mansion in Wellston, which looks very similar to the Governor's Mansion) is often mistaken for that of Packard and has been mistakenly attributed to Packard in various publications and web sites.

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