This photo is an aerial view of the Oval at Ohio State University in 1952 (looking west from 15th and High). It shows the locations of the 7 buildings designed by Frank Packard or Packard & Yost. Click on the pin to display more details about the buildings:

  1. McMillan Observatory (Built 1896; closed 1968; demolished 1976)
  2. Orton Hall (Built 1893, still in use)
  3. Biological Hall (Built 1898; demolished and replaced by Commerce (Hagerty) Hall in 1924)
  4. Armory and Gymnasium (Built 1898; burned 1958 , demolished 1959; replaced by Wexner Center for the Arts 1989)
  5. Hayes Hall (Built 1893, still in use)
  6. Brown Hall Annex (Built 1896 (added to 1892 original building), demolished 2009)
  7. Lord Hall (Mines and Ceramics Building) (Built 1906, demolished 2009)

The bottom photo is looking northeast across the observatory.

Lord Hall Brown Hall Annex Hayes Hall Armory and Gymnasium Biological Building Orton Hall McMillan Observatory