Green lawn Cemetary Buildings

Historical photos of Green lawn Cemetary Buildings, Columbus, ohio

Landscape architect Howard Daniels designed the original portion of Green Lawn Cemetery in 1848. Frank Packard designed Green Lawn's Chapel mausoleum, the Hayden family mausoleum, and the Packard mausoleum.

Arguably the most impressive of mausoleum is the Hayden Mausoleum, commissioned by banker Charles H. Hayden in 1904. Nearby the Hayden Mausoleum is Green Lawn's Chapel Mausoleum. Dedicated in 1902, the Chapel Mausoleum features two stained glass windows and two mosaics representing Wisdom and Truth. All were commissioned by P.W. Huntington, the founder of Huntington Bank, and designed by Tiffany's of New York. The building was originally erected in 1902, and then was subsequently added to with an additional wing (to the right of the original domed structure, looking to the front) and carillon bells in the 1960s.

Packard’s personal mausoleum is of neo-Egyptian revival style in gray granite. The entranceway features an Egyptian doorway with lotus capitals and a bronze door with grillwork. An open lotus flower represents rebirth. The cornice tops it decorated with a winged solar motif also associated with the afterlife.